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Jobs are simillar to quests, but are repeatable. They are tiny things that somebody have to do. Usually for completing a job you are rewarded with small amount of caps and experience. Its a good way to start your adventure in FOnline: Aftertimes.

Boneyard Jobs

Broken Hills Jobs

Den Jobs

  • Slaverun (You must be slaver to do this.)

Gecko Jobs

The Hub Jobs

Junktown Jobs

  • Selling Spears
  • Shit shoveling (There are two sets of pens and two Herdsmen, one to the left of the clinic, and one right from the General Store.)

Klamath Jobs

Modoc Jobs

New Reno Jobs

Redding Jobs

  • Shit shoveling (Near the South Side entrance, to the west.)
  • Gold mining (Gold nuggets can be mined in the mine and sold in the Redding bank)

Raiders Jobs

  • Shit shoveling (Near Bar to the west, no caps reward, only experience.)
  • Giving Dog Tags from Rangers to the Gomes (No caps or experience reward, accept only rangers tags, only reputation gain.)

San Francisco Jobs

Shady Sands Jobs

Vault City Jobs

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