Broken Hills

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Broken Hill's sign as seen in Fallout 2.
« Yeah, I’m an ugly mutant. I also run this place. You got a problem with that ? »

- Marcus, town's sheriff.


After The Master's death, a supermutant named Marcus was wandered aimlessly through the wasteland. He met Jacob, a power-armoured Brotherhood of Steel knight that had sworn to kill all mutants. They fought for a day or two, then became friends, as neither of them were able to kill the other. Wandering together, they attracted a bunch of refugees from the war, and ghouls who had escaped the Necropolis slaughter. They eventually founded Broken Hills, a settlement where every race could live in peace and work the uranium mine there.


As Broken Hills is a bit far from usual routes, players don't really go there ; there are also not many things of interest in town. Eventually the city became a battlefield for all the players that like to fight, since they are able to seize the town control there, but also to flee in the streets and take out large groups of players, if they are skilled enough.


  • There is a mine in Broken Hills, where you can mine both normal and high quality minerals and iron ore.
  • You can buy a private mine here, that has both normal and high-quality materials.
  • Broken Hills contains quests.
  • You can trade with merchants there.
  • The Town Control system, implemented in Broken Hills, makes this town a battlefield many times a day.
  • You can rent Hotel Rooms there, in the Residential area.
  • You can be hired there, to lift caravan boxes.
  • You can be mine uranium ore;you can have it refined, for a fee.
  • You can explore the ant tunnels under the city, accessible via two different ladder-wells, one being near the mine entrance.
  • You can join to caravan as a guard.
  • You can speak with Steve the Greeter, or buy Brahmin from Justin.
  • The chemists, Jacob and Aileen have nothing to say at this time.


  • Downtown
  • South Side
  • Residential
  • North

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Broken Hills is located at Grid 29:17 (center eastern area).