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The rules here are subject to change, going with the possible exploits, bug and features. They will be changed whenever deemed necessary and this page will be updated.

Here is a list of some actions that we consider unfair and illegal in the game. If you're spotting someone violating the rules, feel free to message an Administrator on Discord

  • Using multilog or bypassing relog timer in order to gain an advantage in PvP activities. Also includes scouting and looting.
  • Exploiting a known bug or abusing a feature. Report it instead of exploiting it; if it has not been reported yet, you might get a reward.
  • Using excessive hostile speech.
  • Spamming or making in-game chat unreadable.
  • Stealing nicknames or faction names will result in removal of characters/factions.
  • Imitating a GM.
  • Using 3rd party tools to gain advantage in all activities.
  • Looking for possible exploits (except testers).

Possible sanctions:

  • Warning.
  • Temporary ban.
  • Permanent ban.
  • Banning faction from participating in Town Control and Base Control.
  • Excluding player's character from reroll option.
  • Removing player's items.
  • Removing player's private locations, like tents, safe houses or faction bases.
  • Removing player's followers.
  • All three previous sanctions can be applied to whole faction.

Additional note: Due to lack of insight Dual/Fast relog will result with some show.