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Gecko's sign as seen in Fallout 2, featuring a warning to the power plant's unauthorized visitors.
« Just a bunch of ghouls clinging tenaciously to the ass-end of life. »

- Wooz, Gecko's bartender.


Gecko was built upon the ashes of Gecko City, a pre-war town. It seems the main town inhabitants are ghouls who escaped from Necropolis when the Master decided to wipe the town. The ghouls fixed the power plant, and tried to trade with and visit the nearest city, Vault City, but unfortunately their neighbors decided to shoot them on sight. Gecko's ghouls then created a power plan that could provide energy to all nearby cities, but due to their ghoul status, they haven't been able to negotiate anything. They have a leader, Harold, who is helped by the town's doctor, Lenny.


The power plant, belonging to Poseidon Oil.

Gecko is what we could call a secondary town, but is not a desert town. Thanks to the nearby Vault City, Gecko attracts many players, and features all a big town can have. Beware, as it is not a guarded town, you may die there.


  • Gecko contains quests.
  • You can trade with merchants there.
  • The Town Control system, implemented in Gecko, makes this town a battlefield at the right time.
  • You can learn some professions here.
  • You can join to caravan as a guard.


  • Settlement
  • South West
  • Reactor
  • Scrapyard

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Gecko is located at Grid 29:4 (north east area, near Vault City).