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A PC or Player Character is a character created and controlled by a player using the FOnline client.
Standard Options

A character can be in any of three statuses:

  • Online: FOnline Client is connected.
  • Offline: FOnline Client is disconnected. Character is logging out, text (Off) is shown next to the CharacterName. After 3 minutes that character will be completely Logged out. But during that time, they can be healed, killed, robbed, or get a dose of radiation. See Full logout.
  • Logged out: Character has completely logged off from the game world and cannot be affected in any way.

First decide which type of Character you need:

  • PvP elite fighters designed for player-vs-player extreme combat, or
  • PvE multipurpose characters designed for player-vs-environment and/or support roles like Crafters.

Also, read about your character's Age. If a player has more than one character, these characters are called Alts.

Then read some advice about character creation

Click on what you need below...or look at some example Builds!

Perks Traits Skills S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Reputation Hit Points Carry Weight Levels
Perks.png Traits Skills.jpg SPECIAL.png Reputation.png Hitpoints.png Carryweight.png Levels.png

Also... · Shooting · Sight · Implants · Hit Chance · Skill points ·