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San Francisco's sign as seen in Fallout 2.
« We must protect our honor, stranger. »

- Wong Yi Tze, Shi doctor.


San Francisco - also known as Frisco, The Gates of Hell, and the pit- is mainly inhabited by the Shi, descendants of the Chinese crew of a submarine that crashed near the town during the Great War. There are also the members of a church that will, eventually, become the Hubologist church, but that is for now named the Elronologists cult. There are also some punks like Badger and Chip, artists or disenchanted people from various cities, and ex-military personnel that have taken over an old oil tanker still floating in the harbor. They will usually trade expertise for goods, although they prefer to be left alone. Being far from the New California Republic state, San Francisco is safe from the state's greed. Remnants of the Master's army, mercenaries, Enclave Patrols, press gangs, Elronologists, and mutated animals plague the surrounding area, making it quite inaccessible to weak or crudely armed travelers.


San Francisco is an economic center, offering several traders in the main area, and more within the tanker. Players come here quite often to trade, and murderous types often roam the ruins around the city waiting for defenseless traders who are just trying to sell some loot. It's not part of town control, since it's a guarded city, so large groups generally avoid it. Many players prefer going to NCR than Frisco because of the dangerous area surrounding it, where a random encounter often means a violent death.



  • Tanker
  • The Ruins
  • Downtown


San Francisco is located at Grid 9:25 (central coast area).

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