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« Close as I ever get to the Garden of Eden is in lovely Jenny's arms over at Ma's bathhouse. (hyuk, hyuk, hyuk) »

– Chuck (or Buck?) Dunton, the friendliest Klamath inhabitant.

Klamath's sign as seen in Fallout 2, featuring the Klamath Falls name, the pre-war town.


Klamath is a small town built upon the post-war ruins of Klamath Falls, in Oregon.


The main entrance of Klamath, where you can see the brahmin pen.

Klamath is far from the starting places in Aftertimes, and does not have a train station. It does however have a guarded mine nearby, is part of the Town Control system, and is home to one of the more popular quests. This combination often makes Klamath a battleground, an exciting and deadly place where players should expect to find PvP combat anytime. Beginners should take care as this city is not safe! You may get killed easily.


  • The shit shoveling is enabled in Klamath, since there is a brahmin pen near the main entrance.
  • Klamath also contains quests.
  • You can trade with merchants, like Ardin Buckner, Maida Buckner, or Sajag at the Golden Gecko.
  • The Town Control system, implemented in Klamath, makes this town a battlefield sometimes.
  • This town is one of the best places to fight - or get killed - in FOnline: Aftertimes.
  • The Klamath mine is guarded nearby where you can gather iron ore and minerals.
  • You can rent Hotel Rooms there.
  • A barber will cut your hair (Shorten or make it longer) if you are a male.
  • The Gecko Skinning and Light Step support perks are available in the Trapper Town area.
  • There are rat-infested tunnels under Klamath.
  • You can join to caravan as a guard.


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Klamath is located at Grid 08:02 (northwest area).