Radscorpion Subway

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Radscorpion Subway
Nmbsnpaa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
Location San Francisco Respawn Point
Requirements Minimum Level 4
Completion Talk with Chen again once you kill the 22 scorpions
XP 3000+
Caps 1000
Reward Various items (see list)
Repeatable Yes
Notes Upon completion, you can take the caps, or a 14mm Pistol

The San Francisco Subway Station has been taken over by radscorpions. As long as the place is occupied, the squatters can't get back to their homes. Chen told me about a lot dead people who got poisoned or killed by the scorpions while trying to exterminate them.

When you lose a fight near San Francisco, this quest is available from within the respawn location. Go into the big building and talk with Chen standing near the blocked subway stairs. He'll tell you about the scorpion problem in the subway. Since you are at a respawn location, you don't have any weapons or gear with you so you have to find weapons on the floor once you're in the subway after accepting the quest. You must kill all of the scorpions in the subway and report back to Chen.

Note: Do not do this quest in Turn-Based mode. Only use Real-Time mode for this quest.

Strategy Tips
If you're weak and don't have any poison resist, do this quest when you're not in a hurry and only attack 2-3 scorpions at a time, then heal back to 100% before taking on the next ones. When you open a door, stand still and the scorpions inside will only be able to attack you one at a time. In the back area, use the windows to shoot targets from a safe place if you can see them. Only fire single shots in this quest because burst mode will use your limited ammo too quickly.
There are some interesting features in this subway, some of which seem to be operable at first glance. It appears there were some functions available in previous seasons of this game, like maybe the ability to mine some of those rock clusters. In deed there is a sledgehammer down there! Also a pump machine looks functional and some computers. None of these seem to do anything as of 2012.



  • 1000 caps or a 14mm Pistol at quest completion
  • 2500 xp at quest completion
  • 1320 xp for killing all 22 scorpions
  • Items in Containers/on the ground:
Spoiler Items in Containers Images
Count Item Name Image
42 10mm AP 10mmap.gif
106 10mm JHP 10mmjhp.gif
1 Molotov Cocktail Mola.gif
1 Strange Iguana-on-a-stick Iguana.gif
1 Stimpak Stimx.gif
1 Paramedics Bag Docbag2.gif
1 Empty Water Bag Waterbag2.png
1 Sledgehammer Sledge.gif
1 Spear Spear.gif
1 Daisies File:POT.gif
1 Television Dinner File:DINNER.gif
1 Cat's Paw Magazine CatsPawMagazine.gif
1 Shotgun Shotgun6.gif
1 10mm Pistol Pistol.gif
1 10mm SMG Uzi.gif
1 Hunting Rifle Hrifle.gif
1 Grenade (Frag) Grenadeo.gif
2 Knife Oknife.gif
30 12 ga. Shotgun Shells Ssshells.gif
16 Caps Caps.gif
4 Junk Pump2.gif
2 Flare (Orange) Flare.gif
3 Flare (Green) It is lit. Flareon.gif
1 Club Club.gif
1 Flamer Flamethr.gif
1 Laser Pistol Lasergun.gif