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Real-Time (RT) and Turn-Based (TB) are the two different combat modes available in FOnline: Aftertimes. Real-Time combat is set as default in cities and all preset map locations. As for random encounters you can choose in options which combat mode you prefer. If someone encounters you, he is forced to fight in combat mode with which you started the encounter.

Use command ~combatmode rt, then log off to main screen and back in, to set combat mode to Real-Time.
Use command ~combatmode tb, then log off to main screen and back in, to set combat mode to Turn-Based.
Both modes Real-Time Turn-Based
Both modes Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time Yes Yes No
Turn-Based Yes No Yes

Turn-Based combat

  • Combat participant with highest Sequence gets first turn.
  • You have 30 seconds to perform your actions in your turn.
  • If you run out of Action Points during your turn, turn goes to another combat participant.
  • Moving around drains Action Points.
  • Your Action Points regenerate per turn.
  • You can use First Aid and Doctor which costs 3AP.
  • You can’t use some skills during Turn Based combat (for example: Science).
  • Some Perks only work in Turn Based.
  • You can leave an area but you can’t follow players.
  • You need to press CMBT button to end combat.

Real-Time combat

  • Player with best reflex shoots first and NPCs react very quickly.
  • Moving around does not drain Action Points.
  • Your Action Points refill completely every 5 seconds.
  • When you walk/run your Action Points don’t regenerate, same goes for NPCs.
  • Some Perks don’t work in Real Time combat.
  • You can’t leave area with combat cooldown (10 seconds after getting attacked or attacking someone).
  • You can follow other players unless you have combat cooldown.