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Glow elevators

The Glow, known before the war as the West Tek Research Facility, was founded in 2002 and is located in southern California. It was a facility dedicated to making advanced weapons and biomedical sciences research. Its scientists made, for example, the Power Armor and the first version of the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) before the virus was moved to the Mariposa Military Base.

During the Great War a nuclear missile exploded on the facility's surface, resulting in the destruction of the FEV containment tanks and releasing the virus into the atmosphere, turning the whole area into one of the most irradiated in California.

Haunted by security robots and deadly due to radiation, this location in FOnline: Aftertimes is pretty dangerous for lone travelers. It contains six underground levels that you can access using some old elevators. Rumors say that on the mysterious, underground level 5 you can find pre-war weapons, ammunition and armor.

Elevator Tip
The elevators can be confusing. Note that elevator A only spans levels 1, 2, and 3. Elevator B only spans levels 3, 4, and 6, skipping level 5. Elevator C connects levels 4, 5, and 6. So you must use all three elevators in order to get to level 5. Robots guard most levels and regenerate after you kill them.
Operation Checklist
A fighter, a tumbler with high Lockpick skill, and a mule. Cows are useless here due to high radiation. Two Rad-X and maybe ten RadAway per character. Stims, lockpicks, and repair tools. Picks and tools break, so bring extra. Plan on fighting 22 robots minimum (depending on how long you stay) and bring enough ammo. Does your fighter use a minigun? Then he might need over 1000 rounds. Radios are handy too unless you are okay using an external comm tool like irc or voice chat. Know how to use concurrent doses of RadAway! A working Geiger Counter can also be useful. You should have a plan so that everyone knows not to get stuck on level 5 with nobody on level 6 to fix the generator. Be mindful of the robot respawn cycle so your weaker characters don't get attacked with no fighter there to protect them.


  • Serious radiation levels begin as you approach the Glow, even from within two zones.
  • Deadly robots protect the interior levels and respawn and attack you again.
  • Access to Level 5 requires temporarily repairing the broken generator on Level 6, and it breaks again very soon.
  • Requires concurrent use and multiple doses of RadAway.
  • Extended exposure to radiation due to logistical delays: robots, locked containers, heavy loot.
  • Surrounding area populated Endless Walkers.
  • Collisions with other players who compete for the prized loot.


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The Glow is located at zone 38:51 (south east area), and the most southerly permanent site in the game world.