Brotherhood of Steel

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The Brotherhood's symbol.
« The Scribes copy the plans for the weapons, and the Knights make them. The Paladins protect the Brotherhood from harm. »

- Rhombus, Brotherhood's head paladin.


The Brotherhood of Steel is an organization gathering the technology of the wasteland. They are the toughest enemy of the Enclave. The Brotherhood is mostly composed of the descendants of military officers, soldiers, and scientists from the pre-war period. The ranks of the BoS are generally recognized as being composed of the best and the brightest remaining to humanity, which means the BoS is a relatively small organization, at least compared to the New California Republic. They make up for this with their frightening arsenal of pre-and-post-Great War technology: they have laser weapons, Power Armor, surgical cybernetic enhancements, combat implants, and the ability to erase an entire town from a map without a scratch. The vast majority of BoS members are born into the Brotherhood; they very rarely accept outsiders into their ranks. If they do though, it will usually begin with the Bring 10 Radscorpion Tails quest.


A Brotherhood's paladin, wearing a power armor.

In FOnline: Aftertimes, the BoS has some bunkers in big cities like NCR, but you can't interact much with them. The headquarters of the brotherhood are on the map, as the Lost Hills bunker, located between Mariposa and Hub.

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The Brotherhood's bunker at Lost Hills is located at Grid 26:35 (lower central area, reasonably close to Junktown). There are subordinate bunkers at Shady Sands, Den, and San Francisco.