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Implants allows you to enhance your damage resistances, increase maximum Hit Points or boost SPECIAL stats.

Note: SPECIAL is still limited to 10 in each category, so trying to use an implant to boost Endurance, for example, on a character that already has EN 10, will not work.


A cartoon centipede reads books and types on a laptop.
A picture showing some of the implants.
Dr Fung in San Francisco is able to perform implant operations. In order to do that (for each operation), he needs:
  • a module for a particular augmentation,
  • a suit of Combat Armor,
  • 100.000 bottle caps.

Only one modification can be implanted at once. A character is able to have all modifications installed. Implants are a permanent modification of the character and cannot be lost or transferred in any way.

Obtaining Implants

Basic Implants (Requires 30th Character Level)

Name Effects
Dermal Impact Armor 3% Normal / Explode Resistance
Phoenix Armor Implants 3% Fire / Laser / Plasma Resistance
Nemean Armor(1) +10 Max HP
Hypertrophy Accelerator +1 Strength
Optics Enhancer +1 Perception
Nociception Regulator +1 Endurance
Empathy Synthesizer +1 Charisma
Logic Co-Processor +1 Intelligence
Reflex Booster +1 Agility
Probability Calculator +1 Luck

Advanced Implants (Requires 40th Character Level)

Name Effects
Dermal Impact Assault Enhancement 3% Normal / Explode Resistance, 1 Normal / Explode Threshold
Phoenix Assault Enhancement 3% Fire / Laser / Plasma Resistance, 1 Fire / Laser / Plasma Threshold
Nemean Armor(2) +10 Max HP