Toxic Caves

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Klamath Toxic Caves
Two heavily armed sentry bots await those who dare venture down into the storage area

Once a secret underground military complex, the infamous Toxic Caves were abandoned by the army centuries ago. They are now little more than a regular, fairly spacious cave and only the few pieces of an ages-old technology that still remain there remind the visitors to this dreary place of its murky past.

It is one of the only two places where chemical components can be acquired, the other one being the Waterworks. Some electronic parts can be found here as well, provided that one manages to survive the attacks of over a dozen geckos that inhabit the Caves.

Toxic Caves also house an Advanced Workbench.

The location owes its name to the fact that it is filled with poisonous gas which makes staying there for long a really bad idea.

Note: After killing one of the robots guarding the Advanced Workbench, the player may be able to loot a minigun off its remains.

Note: Klamath Toxic Caves are not visible on the world map by default. Players who wish to visit this old bunker need to first learn its location from Meloy, a trapper that can be found in Klamath. (needs corfirmation)