Talchem California HQ

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An abandoned compound. It is an old factory/laboratory that is a newer location still under development. An area where PvP is viable can prove difficult alone. This area has good rewards with a cost of many doses of radiation and not so fresh air. Bring of antidotes and RadAways. Bring a few amount of expanded lockpicks sets and some electronic lockpick. You must have high lockpick and repairing skills or at least take some friend to open all containers and door inside.


Before the Great War Talchem California HQ was one of the greatest chemical and pharmaceutical corporations in US. Quality of their goods and services confirms fact that their long-time customers inculdes among others Vault-Tec Industries, Poseidon Energy and MGL. Their perfect goods and services was also used by many smaller subjects such as many US hospitals and pharmacies and hundreds of companies.


Talchem California HQ has three different areas - surface with the fresh air and two underground levels with broken security system.

  • Surface and two ways to 1st level

Get the in to in by elevator or sewer service entry near air vent. Second option will let you get some doses of radiation, poison and small amount of loot only.

The key for Talchem HQ
  • 1st level

There's no possibility to open or close the gates manually. After putting the special key it can be done only by three terminals which have different algorithm of work. In this way you can get your self to 2nd level, but by service ladder because the elevator is covered with debris.

Door sequence on level 2
  • 2nd level

The broken security remote door system will not let you to open or close any door on level 2. It has 6 door configurations which are switched to another after 5 seconds. Don't try to block them - they can crush you in any moment. There's a Drug Facility which let you make some harder drugs.


Talchem California HQ is located in zone 32:1 (north east area), not far from Gecko, and is the most northerly point in the world.