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Modifies Chance to heal crippled limbs.
Initial level 15% + ((Perception + Intelligence)/2)
Related perks Medic, Healer, Healer+, Living Anatomy
Related traits

"The healing of major wounds and crippled limbs. Without this skill, it will take a much longer period of time to restore crippled limbs to use."

Despite what the skill says, using Doctor is the only way to heal crippled limbs, other than visiting a wasteland doctor, who charges a huge fee in caps.

  • This skill is not affected by Luck.
  • Ability to remove knockout effect (requires Medic perk).

Note: You can Doctor skill during a Turn-Based combat.

Note: Using This skill on others makes the healer unsneaked.

Note: Maximum doctor skill is 200. You can attempt to make it higher but it will go back to 200 and give you your points back.

Note: This skill can be used by companions.


The amount of time between each use of Doctor is governed by your skill.
Doctor/First Aid skill cooldowns:

     <50% - always 180 seconds
          50% - 180s
          75% - 165s
         100% - 150s
         125% - 135s
         150% - 120s
         175% - 105s
         200% - 90s.

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