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Sight determines how far character can see, and therefore your weapon's effective range. It is determined by Perception and the perk Sharpshooter.
Weapon range is limited by sight range, but is not increased by sight range. You can only shoot what your character can see.
Having a high sight range does not increase the range of your weapon directly; however, because it increases your character's peripheral vision(in addition to your direct line of sight), it allows you a wider effective range.

Note: Keep in mind that getting blinded will reduce your range of sight significantly.

Range of Sight

Range of Sight is exactly how many hexes your character can visualize directly in front of him/her. It does not measure peripheral vision.

Perception Range of Sight Range of Sight (with Sharpshooter)
1 23 29
2 26 32
3 29 35
4 32 38
5 35 41
6 38 44
7 41 47
8 44 50
9 47 53
10 50 56

Field of View

Field of View, Field of Vision, or FoV for short, measures your character's total sight range. FoV can be cut in 4 zones we would call A, B, C and D. These zones are hexagons in the game:

  • A zone represents the zone where your character is looking (the purple area).
  • B zone represents the zone around your character but in front of him (the turquoise area).
  • C zone represents the zone around you but behind (the green area).
  • D zone represents the zone just behind you (the yellow area).

Perception FOV.gif

This is a representation of the different superposed "circles", and then of the Field of View with its different areas and what your character see at final (grey area), depending on what direction you are looking.

The max distance for these areas is calculated by your Perception score and the perk Sharpshooter only. So the more you have, the more you'll see.
The higher your perception, the farther your character can see: sneakers, players and critters, objects on the ground, vehicles, etc
There are also obstacles that limit your character vision: buildings, trees, vehicles, etc.

Objects and buildings are visible if they are in our grey area even if they are behind an obstacle.
Players and critters are also visible if they are in this area, but they can be hidden by obstacles. For example, you can't see them if they are in a house except if they are behind a window (that is the same for them).
Sneaking players are invisible to you if you do not have enough Perception to spot them.

Here a table with the vision area ranges. (The most important part is the A zone):

Perception A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone
1 23 19 10 7
2 26 21 11 8
3 29 23 12 9
4 32 25 13 10
5 35 27 14 11
6 38 29 15 12
7 41 31 16 13
8 44 33 17 14
9 47 35 18 15
10 50 37 19 16
11 53 39 20 17
12 56 41 21 18

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