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Player-driven factions, as opposed to NPC-driven factions, are formal groups established and run entirely by players.

Anyone can create a player-driven faction. In order to do it, one needs to buy a base, which can only be done solo or with other people.

It is not possible to be in a player-driven faction and an NPC-driven faction at the same time.

The Guidelines

Please take your time to read them before adding an article on your faction.

  • Try to keep the article concise and relevant
  • Remember that inappropriate content (obscenity, profanity, trolling, etc.) in the article will lead to the page's being removed and/or the author of the changes' being banned
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A list of player-driven factions

Note: The following articles have been written by the members of the respective factions. Please keep in mind that the wiki staff does not check articles on player factions for truthfulness, and neither do we update or alter them other than by deleting abusive content.