Healing Rate

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Your Healing Rate is your character's ability to regenerate its HP over time. Hit Point regeneration occurs every minute (or 30 seconds if you have Fast Metabolism) and restores the (Healing Rate)% of the total health, rounded down, but no less than 3 points.

Exception: if the Healing Rate is not positive (e.g. as a result of radiation), its value is added to the HP.

The starting value for your Healing Rate is 7 + Endurance/2, rounded down.

Affecting your Healing Rate:

  • Your Endurance affects your healing rate:
    • With 1 Endurance, your base healing rate is 7
    • With 2-3 Endurance, it is 8
    • With 4-5 Endurance, it is 9
    • With 6-7 Endurance, it is 10
    • With 8-9 Endurance, it is 11
    • With 10 Endurance, it is 12
  • Fast Metabolism effectively doubles your healing rate by decreasing the time between tics to 30 seconds.
  • Faster Healing support perk adds +5 to your healing rate.
  • There is a chance to get bonus to healing rate from crafted armors