Ares Rocket Silo

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Ares Rocket Silo
Description Pre-war missile launch site, heavily guarded by hostile supermutants
Sections Large surface level
4 underground levels
Leaders Supermutant bosses
Doctors none
Merchants none
Factions Many Hostile Super Mutants
Zone 39:8 in far Northeast
Coordinates 1968:436
Quests LOCAL:
  1. Repair generator.
  2. Run the repaired generator.
  3. Run armor machinery

GLOBAL (unfinished):

  1. Receive holotape with trasmitting data.
  2. Use it in Cheyenne Transreceiver Station

Ares Rocket Silo (also called Ares Military Base) is a custom area unique to FOnline: Aftertimes located up toward the far north east of the world map.


The Rocket Silo appears as the ruins of a pre-war nuclear missile launching site. Behind the large fences full of holes, there is a warehouse building with containers. In front of it, there are two closed silo doors, and it has one fully opened silo door, which leads to the conclusion that at least one rocket must have been launched long time ago. There is a crashed vertibird and some tents in the area, which should be checked for valuable contents if you can survive long enough to do so.


In the past, Ares Rocket Silo was empty and abandoned, serving mainly as a place for GM-hosted events. However, recently this site has been overrun with super mutants from running out from the south Master's Army and is now in full use as a major base of operations for them. The underground levels are now accessible and worthy items, combat gear and blueprints can be found inside and even in locked containers on the surface. There's also armor machinery which must be supplied by power from the whole complex. Be advised, as challenging as it can be to fight the mutants on the surface, fighting the ones inside is even more difficult. Many have died trying and their piles of gear can often be found littering the floors inside.

  • Mutants respawn time is 30 minutes.
  • Mutants are talking by radio on channel 24183 with up to three zones transmitting power from Ares Military Base.
  • They know how to manage the force fields in base.
  • There's a power generator which can works 10-15 minutes. After this it will be overheated and it will need some time for cooling down.

Take some friends or at least companions highly skilled with science, lockpicking and repairing skills.

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Ares Rocket Silo is located in zone 39:8, in the far Northeast area of the map.