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Fix-boy is a tool in your Pip-Boy that helps you craft various items.

To open the Fix-boy window press Fix-button.gif button on user interface or use the shortcut "F" key.
You have filters depending on type item you can craft:

  • all - display all items
  • weapons, armor, ammo, drugs - displays respectively: weapons, armor, ammo and drugs
  • misc - all items that cant count to other category

In right-up corner you have number of how many items fixboy will craft if you click fix button. You can craft up to 100 items at one time(depending on how many resources you have) by click fix all button. With active fix all button number of crafting items change to 00.

Materials and Tools

All items need some materials to be crafted.
Some items need crafting tools, workbenches or Advanced Workbenches to be crafted.

Crafting list

There is a list of items available to craft.

  • Item with green name - can be crafted right away.
  • Item with red name - can't be crafted due not meeting item requirements (materials, crafting tools etc).

After gaining Professions or using Blueprints some new items might appear in your Fix-Boy.

Crafting process

To craft an item:

  • Open a Fix-boy window and click on an item to craft from the list.
  • Click on desired item name to select it and see it's requirements.
  • If you meet item requirements press the "FIX" button to create an item.


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