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A guarded city is an official town where NPC guards maintain peace by tagging, shouting or shooting at law-breaking players. They are commonly considered safe, since the only way to kill someone there is to commit suicide, mostly by suicide-bombing. The most famous guarded city is certainly the New California Republic.



Guards are the ones that maintain peace in guarded cities. They are Non-Player Characters, which means they are bots, dedicated to repeat the same task (standing and guarding the place) all the time. They are strong, fast and skilled. Their skins indicate which city they are guarding: Guards wear Combat Armor or Police Uniforms in NCR, Metal Armor in Vault City, Leather Armor in Junktown and Adytum, and Metal and Leather Armor in The Hub. However, their resistances seem not to change much whether they wear a Combat Armor or a Leather Jacket.

  • Please note that city guards are different than Militia and NCR Rangers.
  • Note that "guarded" doesn't necessarily mean "safe." If a player is willing to risk the consequences, they can engage in combat literally anywhere. Even in the combat-closed sections of Hub, PC's can throw/plant explosives to kill and loot other players (without consequence).

Crimes & Sanctions

All the crimes listed below will result in a reputation drop and a guard reaction, which ends when you die - unless you're hated or vilified there.

Crime Punishment*
Shooting at any player or NPC. Guards shoot at you until you're dead. Reputation drop : -100 for the whole action.

If you manage to escape, players can attack you harmlessly until you die once.

Stealing from any player or NPC. Players can attack you harmlessly until you die. Reputation drop : From -100 to infinity.
Blocking the way. After guard warn you many times and after they shout that they "don't care about you now", players can attack you harmlessly until you die. Reputation drop : -200.
Carrying a weapon in your active hand (ONLY IN SOME PARTS OF SOME GUARDED CITIES). After guards warn you a few times, if you still have your weapon out they will shoot at you until you die.

*If you and your target's reputation is equal to 0, these situations apply. See the reputation impact to check the guard's reaction if you have positive or negative reputation.

List of Guarded Cities