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Vault-Tec proudly presents : The Vault of the future...

Vault 13 is one of the major fallout vaults developed by Vault-Tec. It is the Vault Dweller's home from Fallout 1. It is probably located right under Mount Whitney, as it matches quite exactly the mount's location.


The entrance of Vault 13 as seen in the original Fallout 1.

The vault's construction started in August 2063 and ended in march 2069. Meant to stay closed for ten years, the vault was also containing 1000 inhabitants, protecting them from radiation of Atomic bombs from the Great War. However, as a study about prolonged isolation, the Vault remained sealed for 200 years, which would eventually lead to problems with its Water Chip.

In FOnline: Aftertimes

An Old Vault which left closed after the Vault Dweller who was expelled. Inside the vault, there are three floors, 1st floor (surface), 2nd floor, and 3rd floor. On these floors contain many heavily armed guards because of the precautions of which the vault dweller left behind. fighting through many vault dwellers to raid their supply of mysterious goods. When the Vault doors open, a global event will occur for twenty minute display that Vault 13 has been opened. Within this time its a race toward the huge gamble of rewards since not just the vault dwellers but as well as other player/factions going for the treasure that is stored inside. In the last floor, there is a boss guarding the largest loot cache possible called the "Overseer" defeating the Overseer will grant access for that loot cache and then become winning victors. Just dont forget, you had twenty minutes to do this dungeon.


Vault 13's location would be Grid 34:21 (directly west of Shady Sands, if it were accessible at all).

Dungeon Access

Obtaining V13 Keys

  • Magic Lockers
  • {Rumor} Footlockers
  • Players*