TC Readiness

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TC Readiness
Prepping for Town Control
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Town Control (TC) is perhaps this game's most premium feature. It is highly competitive. To do it well, it's best to be very prepared.

Here is a checklist for getting ready for TC. If you're a new player, seeing this might be a glimpse into your PvP future. Even if you're a seasoned vet, this checklist might help. Be advised, you will win some TC fights and you will lose some TC fights. Be prepared to lose your gear. If you think too highly of your stuff, and you cannot handle losing, you might want to skip Town Control altogether; your teammates need stable-minded players who don't freak out when they lose. Get upset if things were a mess in a fight, but stay cool enough to keep going. Gear is replaceable. It's just pixels and time.

The Basics

  • Fully leveled PvP fighter build, approved by whoever is leading the TC operations
  • Practice Real-Time combat. Start with PvE but get to PvP asap. Use Hinkley!
  • Outdoorsman to 150 + Explorer/Pathfinder perks, to get you back to battle much faster
  • 1 car per fighter. The Buggy is an excellent choice, cheap and fast. (Thanks, Blarney.)
  • 6 private Tents (or Safe Houses), 1 each snugged up next to each of the 6 TC towns
  • Spare gear in the trunk of the car, including guns, armor, helmets, ammo, drugs, and sstims
  • In most cases, all gear needs to be tier 2, and checked for good condition.
  • Use the faction's NameColorizer file! All enemies should appear with the same color, distinct from your own faction-mates.
  • Set up Hotkeys, aka Key Bindings. Use config exe tool, or get copy of cfg file:
    • To Reload your weapon
    • To use Super Stimpaks
    • To disable aimed shots
    • Do you do aimed shots? Set up aim head, aim eyes, aim groin, aim arms, aim legs.
  • Voice Chat is a must. Get in Discord chat, or get TeamSpeak or Mumble or whatever the faction uses. Get a mic.
  • Use Q to see your Sight range, and use W to see your Weapon range.
  • Use F10 to highlight the TC Zones. If too many of your team runs out of it, your TC timer will end.
  • Try the Fog of War feature. Some players prefer it over simply using Q.


  • Know your character's role in PvP, his strengths and weaknesses.
  • Know your character's placement on the field: forward for most tanks, rear for most snipers. Other.
  • Minimize microphone use, only talk when needed to give important combat-related details.
  • Follow orders! Listen to the leader. Follow who he says to follow. Go where he says to go. Do not go Rambo.
  • Be ready to "Focus Fire" as instructed, so you and your team hit the same targets and actually win the fights.
  • Your team will likely have a sneaker scout. Listen carefully to critical info from your Sneak scout!

Know the Town's Map/Layout

  • Go to these TC towns and learn the layouts. Note the names of the buildings and where they are.
  • The leader will be giving orders where to go - you need to know the places to understand those orders!
  • Familiarize yourself with the Town Preview in each town. Know which town has which entry points.
  • The leader will be giving orders where to enter - you need to know those places in advance.

Know the Procedure

  • Before the fight begins, stay off of the worldmap to prevent enemy from knowing numbers.
  • Have Drugs (and Lighter) ready. Have everything you need so you're not asking anyone for anything.
  • Listen for order to pop drugs. Do so immediately - the fight is about to start!
  • Go to worldmap when the order is given.
  • When sent to worldmap, go over town and use Town/World button. Be ready to enter in 2 seconds, wherever told.
  • Form lines, as instructed. Sometimes lines need to be vertical (north south). Sometimes horizontal (east-west).
  • Stay cool. Don't get mad like immature kids. If you get that mad, go to AFK and do something else for a bit.
  • Do not care about looting until the order is given. Be frosty for fighting until then. Don't be selfish.

Tactics by Ion Cannon

  • Do not use all the Action Points you have. Shoot one time on focus fire and get ready to stim/FA or help a friend.
  • Spread out so you're not all vulnerable to the same rocket or grenade hit.
  • Form a very wide line to avoid multiple hits and splash damage.
  • Lure enemies to narrow passages or open spaces, depending on the team build. Bursters, snipers, or sneakers.
  • Constantly check your weapon range and change position often.


  • Have Motion Sensors, pre-charged to 600/600 with extra SEC on hand
  • Build some TC Ready-Piles (see below)
  • Willing to level a sneaker? It's a specialized role. Scout the town and provide critical intel for your team!
  • The TC timer will start at a lower value if the character who initiates it has high Speech. Hint hint.

About TC Ready-Piles

Most guys use a trunk to store spare gear, for re-gearing between battles. This is standard and i do it too, but this forces you to open the trunk, scroll through the stack of items, pick each thing out, choose quantities, drag-n-drop a bunch of times, and then do it all over again because you forgot 1 item (like a lighter). When you're in a big hurry to get back to a fight, this is a painful delay.

TC Ready-Piles are far better. They are individual pre-stacked piles tailored for a specific fighter, arranged in a row at a TC tent, ready for that fighter to Grab-All. Maybe 5 such piles per fighter, per TC tent, works well. (If you fail more than 5 times in the same town and intend to keep trying, use the trunk.) Arrange 5 piles in a line. Each pile should have the following:

  • Weapon
  • Armor
  • Helmet
  • Ammo (an appropriate limited amount, so as not to lose much, but not to run out)
  • Drugs (one full round of drugs for that fighter)
  • Lighter
  • Super-Stims

When you do fail in combat, you need to get back to the fight quickly! Your character has Outdoorsman 150, right? Explorer and Pathfinder perks mean fewer interruptions, and faster travels. You get back to your tent, run to a ready-pile, and Control+G to grab the whole pile. You instantly have everything you need, and in the right quantities. You will not be one of the last guys to get back to the fight - you will be one of the first. Nothing is forgotten, and no delays. You'll impress the leader by being back so quickly, every time. The team will learn they can depend on you to be fast.

TC Ready-Piles are a lot of work to do in advance. Not everyone will do this, but just remember: some of your enemies do!

Return to Combat Even Quicker

If you don't mind having lots of vehicles (like cheap Motorbikes), and spending some caps and have tents to spare, do the following to be even FASTER returning to combat:

  • Set up tents near every Respawn-Zone
    • Find them all by going to each of TC towns and type ~suicide. Include other PvP locations too, like New Reno.
    • Make sure to share the locations with your other PvP characters, via Tent Maps.
  • Buy 5 Motorbikes for every tent near a Respawn Point.
    • Make sure to unlock the vehicles so you don't need to grab a key each time.
    • Make sure to return the motorbikes to the Respawn Points after you use them.
  • Then place your TC Ready-Piles at these tents near the Respawn Points

You can use your drugs while traveling with the motorbike to your tent near the TC zone. So when you leave your TC-tent you already took your drugs and dressed up with your gear.