Sierra Army Depot

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Welcome to Sierra Army Depot, the best place to be killed by security robots !

The Sierra Army Depot (S.A.D.) was built in 1942 as a storehouse but later became renovated into a research facility in the year 2050. After the war, only the robots survived there. Located in the desert above New Reno, it is home to an important device for crafters: an Advanced Workbench. It features four underground levels, haunted by powerful security robots.

You can only see Sierra Army Depot's map location if you ask a Hermit for its location, if you meet one in the wasteland.

The entrance of the S.A.D. building itself, where you can access to the underground levels.


Multiple automated gun turrets are stationed outside and will open fire on anyone trying to get inside the facility. They regenerate and will open fire on you again when you exit.

Advanced Workbench

The 7.62 Machine has been replaced with an Advanced Workbench on the second floor.

Computer Main Frame

The computer is located to your left when you enter.

The largest room on the 3rd floor, located right next to the main elevators, is the computer main frame. When you enter the room, to your left is a computer that you can access. You can check which area is currently supplied with power, and:

  • Redirect the power to either the Ammo Facility Terminal or Medical Facility, in which the power generator will shut down and will need repair to turn back on.
  • Direct the energy to the Ammo Facility Terminal or medical area after the power generator is fixed.

Power Generator

Usually the roof is covered unlike the other rooms, so it may be easy to miss.

Located on the fourth floor, the power generator is the first door to the right once you get off the main elevator.

Note: You need to repair the power generator when the back-up power fails if it isn't all ready on or if you tried to re-direct the power at the computer main frame.

  • A safe repair skill is 100% but you may take a chance with a lower skill.(?)

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Sierra Army Depot is located at Grid 20:16 (central area), just north of New Reno.