Laser Rifle

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Laser Rifle
A Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle. Uses micro fusion cells for more powerful lasers, and an extended barrel for additional range.
Damage 50 - 60
Single AP: 5, Range: 45
Damage type Laser
Ammo Micro Fusion Cells
Ammo capacity 12
Strength required 6
Type Two-handed
Weight 5443 grams
Base price 4475 caps

Crafting table
Lrifle.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Energy Expert: 2
Energy Weapons: 120
Resources 1 x Firewood.gif
2 x Alloys2.gif
2 x Metal trash2.gif
4 x Alloys.gif
3 x V15comp.gif
Tools Adv workbench.png
XP 450

Advantages and disadvantages


Can be upgraded to Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap.)


  • Unity Patrols
  • Brotherhood Initiate Patrols
  • Supermutant Remnants

You can buy blueprint from Ralph in Gun Runners for 20000 caps.


The ideal choice for Energy Weapons fast-shooter and sniper.

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