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Deterioration is a statistic that modifies weapons and armors efficiency.

When they are used, weapons deteriorate, and when you wear an armor and you are shot, your armor deteriorates too! When a weapon is deteriorated, it had more chance to cause critical failure.

Basic Information

Causing deterioration

  • Armors deteriorate when person wearing them is hit.
  • Weapon deterioration is caused by shooting with the weapon. Any weapon that can stack does not deteriorate. This includes all Throwing weapons and most low-tier Unarmed and Melee weapons.


The deterioration formula uses deterioration points, invisible in-game. 1% of deterioration is 300 deterioration points (so 100% would be 30000).

  • Each shot with a weapon gives (300-skill)*(1+brokenCount/3)/2 deterioration points. For example, with 200 in concerned skill, each shot is 50 points for weapon with 0-2 breakdowns, 100 with 3-5, 150 with 6-8, 200 with 9. A weapon that has broken down 9 times will be usable 150 times before it reaches 0% deterioration.

Deterioration Effects

Deterioration is showed in percents, up to 100. The lower number means more deteriorated weapon or armor.

  • The more an armor is deteriorated, the more chance the wearer has a chance to receive "partial bypass" on critical as well as non-critical hits. Chance to be bypassed for each bullet applies when condition goes under 50% and is calculated by formula (50-condition)*2%. (e.g. 0% bypass chance at 50% condition, 50% chance at 25% condition, 100% chance at 0% condition). "Partial bypass" has no effect on traditional critical hit bypass. Deterioration of armor does not change its DT or DR.
  • The more a weapon is deteriorated, the more it has chance to score critical failures when shooting. There is 1% chance per 5% deterioration for a miss to be upgraded to a critical miss : A weapon with 20% deterioration has 16% chance to score a critical miss (Weapon explodes, falls on the ground, etc.) when missing. 95% deterioration means 1 in 100 shots is critical failure (And 1 in 20 is a miss, 1 in 5 is critical miss).
  • The more an item is deteriorated, the less it's worth to sell to NPC traders.

Broken Items

An item that reaches 0% deterioration is broken. Once it is broken, you can't use it, but with a high repair skill you can repair it, and make it back to 100% deterioration, and usable again.

A victim's armor or weapon may also break when a burst from a gun kills the victim.

When NPCs have another weapon in their inventory, and the one in their hands breaks down, they change automatically and use the new one.

Broken Count

Weapons you get from random encounters are initially broken 6-8 times already. An item can break down 10 times, then it's useless - neither usable nor repairable. An NPC trader will lower the value of an item with a higher breakdown count.


You can decrease the deterioration by performing a repair attempt on the weapon. You can try to repair the weapon even when it's not broken down, with -50 repair modifier, and some additional secret modifiers depending on weapon breakdown count. You can repair already broken weapon with -50, -100 or -150 modifiers, depending on breakdown count (in weapon description : "small number of breakages" is -50, etc.).

Failing in fixing will make weapon deterioration higher.

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