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Modifies NPC reactions, Prices, Party Size
Related perks Gain Charisma, Magnetic Personality, Harmless
Related traits Good Natured

"A combination of appearance and charm. A high Charisma is important for characters that want to influence people with words. Modifies: NPC reactions, and barter prices."

Charisma is used for:

  • Communication with NPCs, most of them will talk to player even with 1 charisma.
  • Is needed to transport Characters or NPC followers on the worldmap.
  • Charisma also allows you to get better rewards in some of the quests.

Note: Each point of Charisma is +10 to Party Points.

Note: Leader with less than 3 Charisma can lead two followers on worldmap. See Party size.

Note: You can't have more than 10 Charisma, not even by using drugs.

Note: Leader's charisma is ignored when traveling by a car.

Note: Your Charisma can be permanently increased by 1 point with an implant, unless it is already 10, the maximum.

Things that affect Charisma

Skills modified by Charisma

Each SPECIAL point spent in Charisma will increase these skills :

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