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Universal Soldier Mode: PvE
A tough tanky fighter who can use every gun in every category.
Hit Points: 265 Target Level: 55
Implants: ST PE IN AG LK
Hmcmbtaa sw.gif SPECIAL Level Perks
R D C Adrenaline Rush
Strength: 5 6 8 Toughness
Perception: 8 5 6 Even Tougher
Endurance: 10 10 10 Lifegiver
Charisma: 1 1 1 Lifegiver
Intelligence: 2 2 3 Bonus Rate of Fire
Agility: 9 10 10 Action Boy
Luck: 5 5 6 Man of Steel
R=Register, D=On Drugs at Level 24, C=With above implants
Traits: Small Frame and Bonehead
Tag Skills: Small Guns 201
Big Guns 200
Energy Weapons 200
Weapons: All guns in all categories! and Nice.
Drugs: Buffout after ST implant
Nuka-Cola until ST implant
With ST implant, both or neither: Buffout/Nuka
Psycho at all times
Beer is optional
Cigarettes at all times
Other Skills Crafting Professions
(no others) (none)
Details Support Perks
Mode: PvE Boneyard Guard
Action Points: 11 Awareness
Armor: CA Gecko Skinning
DR: 15 Pack Rat
DT: 5 Strong Back
Sight: 44 Snakeater
Armor Class: 30 (no others)
Melee Dmg: 1 (no others)
Sequence: 2 (no others)
Poison Resist: 80 (no others)
Rad Resist: 60 (no others)
Head Crit Resist: (no others)
Crit Resist: (no others)
Crit Chance: 5 (no others)
Carry Weight: 72 (no others)
Party Points: 11 (no others)
Healing Rate: 12 (no others)
(no others)
(no others)
(no others)
(no others)
Build by: Henry Feb 2017


If you want to be able to shoot every gun there is, then this is your Universal Soldier. At only level 55, he lacks some important things like high FA and Doctor skill, but you can always get more levels for those. Meanwhile you'll be able to pick up any gun you find and use it with decent success. His drug plan is important; he needs to use Nuka-Cola at all times, until he gets an AG implant. After that, he can use both Buffout and Nuka-Cola together, or skip them both. Either way, he needs Psycho for a serious increase to DR/DT. For this reason, he should use Cigarettes to recover the lost PE point. Beer is optional, depending on how far you need to see. By combining the Bonehead trait with Man of Steel, he will greatly benefit from higher crit resistances.

NOTE: The Target Level indicated here is high enough that it is assumed the player gets an IN implant at level 30 in order to get the indicated skill percentages. Without it, expect the Target Level to end up being slightly higher.

NOTE: All builds benefit greatly from getting the combat Implants so this build does not reflect any stats from them. In addition to the ones indicated in this build, it's up to you to decide if you want to add theses:

  • Nemean
  • Dermal
  • Phoenix


No tricks in leveling, other than focusing mainly on getting Small Guns skill to 180 in time to get Bonus Rate of Fire by level 18.

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