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Turbo-Fast Miner Mode: PvE
A tough tanky pugilist who mines up to 2500 ores per hour with up to 16 AP! Nobody is mining faster than this guy.
Hit Points: 269 Target Level: 25
Implants: (none)
Hmlthraa sw.gif SPECIAL Level Perks
R D C Adrenaline Rush
Strength: 9 10 10 Toughness
Perception: 1 1 1 Even Tougher
Endurance: 10 10 10 Lifegiver
Charisma: 1 1 1 Lifegiver
Intelligence: 8 8 8 Bonus HtH Attacks
Agility: 10 10 10 Action Boy
Luck: 1 1 1 Action Boy
R=Register, D=On Drugs at Level 24, C=With above implants
Traits: Heavy Handed and Chem Reliant
Tag Skills: Close Combat 180
First Aid 200
Outdoorsman 175
Weapons: Super Sledge and Mega Power Fist
Drugs: Jet
Other Skills Crafting Professions
Doctor 100
Science 120
Repair 120
Small Guns 2
Big Guns 2
Energy Weapons 2
Armorer 2
Doctor 2
Details Support Perks
Mode: PvE Educated
Action Points: 14 Boneyard Guard
Armor: CA Awareness
DR: 15 Swift Learner
DT: 5 Gecko Skinning
Sight: 23 Pack Rat
Armor Class: 30 Strong Back
Melee Dmg: 4 Snakeater
Sequence: 2 Ranger
Poison Resist: 100 Pathfinder
Rad Resist: 70 Explorer
Head Crit Resist: Faster Healing
Crit Resist: Rad Resistance
Crit Chance: 10 Dead Man Walking
Carry Weight: 167 Mr. Fixit
Party Points: 11 Dismantler
Healing Rate: 17 (no others)
(no others)
(no others)
(no others)
(no others)
Build by: Henry Feb 2017


If you like the idea of mining vast quantities of resources to craft fresh tons of good gear, then you might be looking for a way to mine faster. Short of setting up a private mine, this is a fast way to get raw materials. You can mine most efficiently using this build, which needs no implants, but does need Jet to function at top speed, which can be 2500 ores per hour. Not everyone mines for a solid hour, but if you do, Chem Reliant allows it on only 1 round of drugs.

NOTE: On Jet, this miner build is not meant for mining HQ (high quality) materials since Jet lowers your DR, which would be a painful thing during a PvP fight in an HQ mine. So use this build to stick to guarded mines and you'll have tons of regular Iron Ore, Minerals, and Alloys in a short time.

As shown here, he has 14 AP when using Jet, but he can get +1 AP from a bonus weapon like a Super Sledge, and yet another +1 AP from armor with the AP bonus. Optionally, he carries a Mega Power Fist in Slot 2 in case of trouble, or he's fine using the hammer to fight too; it does good knockbacks. Just remember to use Buffout and Nuka-Cola to get ST to max while on Jet and Psycho.

NOTE: The Target Level indicated here is low enough that getting an IN implant is not a factor. No implants needed.

NOTE: All builds benefit greatly from getting the combat Implants so this build does not reflect any stats from them. In addition to the ones indicated in this build, it's up to you to decide if you want to add theses:

  • Nemean
  • Dermal
  • Phoenix


As any character, this miner will benefit from reading all of the in-game Skill Books, but in particular needs these, ideally at level 1:

Make sure you get Boneyard Guard first before you distribute any Skill Points. The first Skill Points at level 2 should be used to get Science to 100 so you can immediately get Educated. All next Skill Points should be used to get Close Combat to 180, for Bonus HtH Attacks. See plan details for other intended skill levels.

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