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Build Advice
Forget the builds you used in Fallout 2. The builds in this game are different.
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Key Perks

Notice below that no matter which build type you choose, a few Perks are considered nearly mandatory for all characters. They include:

Avoid These Perks

For Tanky Characters

For treasure hunters and other PvE explorers, or even some PvP fighters:

For Snipers

For a proper sniper, you should decide which gun you'll mainly use, check the weapon's range, and plan your snipers Sight accordingly. At the bare minimum, this means being able to see at least as far as your gun shoots, but it is advised to have Sight 1 or 2 hexes beyond that. Remember to account for Drugs when planning builds with such precision. Typical perks might be:

Other Fun Perks

Not mentioned above are some perks for builds that can be fun, like Sneakers, Pyromaniacs, Turn-Based builds, Throwers, Rocketeers, etc. Some are:

This guide won't cover everything - there are many thing you can experiment with later.

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