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The NCR brahmin pens and herdsman.

A regular brahmin pen is a four-sided (quadrangle) lightly fenced area for domesticated Brahmins. Wood is the preferred material for brahmin pen fences. A PC or NPC can step on shit and fall.

Usually towns have several brahmin pens. It's possible to shovel shit.

You can only get your reward when there is a henchman in the same location, not all pens have a henchman around.

Location of brahmin pens

There are brahmin pens in a lot of towns. Here is a list of their locations :

  • NCR, in the outer part of the town, in the western city side.
  • NCR Train Station (you can only see the Train Station after you complete a certain quest). The train station is not crowded, so you should be left alone there.
  • The Hub, near the city's main entrance.
  • Junktown, in the town. There are two sets of pens and two Herdsmen, one to the left of the clinic, and one right from the General Store (Darkwater's).
  • Redding, near the South Side entrance, to the west.
  • Modoc, near the slaughterhouse.
  • Klamath, near the city's main entrance.
  • Vault City, in the outer part of the city, above the slave pen, below the Happy Harry shop.
  • Gecko, in the middle of the city.
  • Broken Hills, at the south of the city's main entrance.
  • Ghost Farm, on the outside.
  • San Francisco, to the west of the main street.
  • Gunrunners in the Boneyard area has a brahmin pen, but you don't get paid to work there.