Slaver's Guild

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Nearly all slave trade in New California is done through the Slaver's Guild, a collection of older slavers who decide prices and organize capture hunts. Anyone caught capturing or selling slaves without the blessing of the Slavers' Guild is usually executed. Since the Guild holds so much power, it often controls smaller towns where it operates, although from behind the scenes. Members of the Slavers' Guild have a distinctive tattoo covering most of their face, making them readily identifiable to both friend and foe, allowing the guild to make fast judgments when someone without "the tat" has a tribal up on the auction block.

As of 2241, the head of the Slavers' Guild is Metzger, whose headquarters is in the Den. Ask him about slavery.

Note: You get +100 reputation with Slavers' Guild after becoming a Slaver.

Note: You can improve your reputation by selling Slaves to Metzger. +6 reputation for one slave.

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