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Hit Points (or HP) define the amount of damage your character can take before dying.

When your hit points reach 0 or below, you fall on the ground knocked down, which means you can only whisper. While knocked down you are unable to do anything. When your HP goes to -20 you will die, but if not in combat, your HP will regenerate every 2 minutes allowing your character to stand back up when it reaches 1 or above.

Hit Points Regeneration

You can get back your hit points using:

  • Hit points regenerate every 2 minutes by amount of Healing Rate
  • A stimpak (+10-40hp), weak healing powder, healing powder (up to +20 hp), or a Super Stimpak - take care about the drugs inconveniences first, though.
  • Your First Aid skill, that will heal you depending on the amount of skill points in the skill, with a cooldown if you use it (With 200% for example, you'll heal your target for up to 200 hit points). The average amount you can heal at a time is based on your Luck. The First Aid skill will award you 3xp for each hit point healed.
  • You can ask Wasteland Doctor to heal you for caps.

Maximum Hit Points

The base maximum hit points formula is 65+Strength+Endurance.

Additionally, you will be awarded more hit points as you level up.

Endurance Hit points per level
1 3 every other level
2 3
3 4 every other level
4 4
5 5 every other level
6 5
7 6 every other level
8 6
9 7 every other level
10 7

Lifegiver Bonus

Each Lifegiver perk will grant you an added number of hit points. Because you can take it three times, the final bonus can be +105 hit points.

Chart showing HP levels at level 24, assuming 5 Strength. Each point in Strength gives 1 HP:

Endurance No Lifegiver 1x Lifegiver 2x Lifegiver 3x Lifegiver
1 118 X X X
2 127 X X X
3 145 X X X
4 158 X X X
5 172 217 X X
6 189 234 269 X
7 199 244 279 304
8 220 265 300 325
9 226 271 306 331
10 241 286 321 346


There is a small chance to find Nemean Armor implants which can be added to a character up to twice, via irreversible surgery done by a doctor in San Francisco. Implant surgeries costs 100k caps per implant, and permanently add 15 Hit Points to that character, per implant.