Energy Weapons

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« Laser weapons cut the enemy in half at the waist or burn them to ash, plasma weapons disintegrate the enemy into a pile of goo, while pulse weapons cause an effect comically similar to massive electrocution, after which the victim turns into a skeleton then falls to the ground into a pile of dust. »

- The Vault.

Energy Weapons
Modifies Chance to hit using energy-powered guns.
Initial level 10% + (1% x Agility)
Related perks Bonus Ranged Damage, Bonus Rate of Fire, Hit the Gaps
Related traits Fast Shot, One Hander, Small Frame

Energy Weapons is a category of firearms, and the skill related to them.

The best energy-powered weapons are YK42B Pulse Rifle and Pistol, which deal Electrical damage, when most characters have only Laser and Plasma resistances. They are often considered as the higher-end weapons in FOnline, since even the Enclave uses them.

To craft most energy weapons, Profession: Energy Expert is required.

Most Energy Weapons deal Laser, Plasma and Electrical damage, but not all.

List of Energy Weapons

This is the list of all the weapons that rely on the Energy Weapons skill.

Lasergun.gif Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol None Laser 20-35 35 12 SEC Pistol 3 4
Mlaspist.gif Magneto-Laser Pistol Penetrate Laser 25-40 35 12 SEC Pistol 3 4
Lrifle.gif Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle Long Range Laser 50-60 45 12 MFC Rifle 6 5
Lrifle2.gif Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap.) Long Range Laser 50-60 47 24 MFC Rifle 6 5
Glock.gif Glock 86 Plasma Pistol None Plasma 30-45 32 16 SEC Pistol 4 4
Plaspst2.gif Plasma Pistol (Ext. Cap.) None Plasma 30-45 32 32 SEC Pistol 4 4
Plasma.gif Winchester P94 Plasma Rifle Long Range Plasma 45-60 30 10 MFC Rifle 6 5
Plas2.gif Turbo Plasma Rifle Long Range Plasma 50-70 35 10 MFC Rifle 6 4
Minilazr.gif L30 Gatling Laser None Laser 64-84 40 30 MFC Gatling
7 7
Ufogun.gif Alien Blaster None Electrical 45-65 28 30 SEC Pistol 2 4
Pulsepst.gif YK32 Pulse Pistol Penetrate Electrical 35-50 30 5 SEC Pistol 3 4
Pulserif.gif YK42B Pulse Rifle Long Range Electrical 54-78 48 10 MFC Rifle 6 5
Solarscr.gif Solar Scorcher None Fire 30-45 32 6 Sunlight Pistol 3 4
Phazer2.gif Phazer Accurate EMP 35-60 25 12 MFC Pistol 3 4